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536 $ (exc. Vat)

Air-suspension controller with the self-leveling feature for the Land Rover® Discovery 3 and 4 (LR3 and LR4 in the USA) & Range Rover® Sport L320 vehicles.

XLifter is an advanced air-suspension controller for the Land Rover® vehicles. XLifter allows you to take the air suspension capabilities of your Land Rover to the maximum, making your off-roading or expedition traveling greater experience.

XLifter is an electronic “lift kit” that lets you adjust the height of the vehicle according to your needs, by the touch of a button. In addition, the XLifter can automatically self-level the vehicle, so you no longer have to look for a flat spot while overlanding.


  • Body height adjustment in seven pre-defined programs: -35 mm, -25 mm, -15 mm, 0 mm, +15 mm, +25 mm, +55 mm, +75 mm.
  • Precise height adjustment from -40 mm to +75 mm in 5 mm step in „free“ mode.
  • Automatic self-levelling from up to 4.5° slope for comfortable camping.
  • Intuitive controls, graphics OLED display.
  • Easy „Plug&Play” installation without in-vehicle changes, wireless technology.
  • Compatible with the Land Rover® Discovery 3 and 4 (LR3 and LR4 in the USA) and Range Rover® Sport L320
  • Dimensions: controller 40 × 71 × 15 mm, EAS unit: 70 × 110 × 29 mm

Notice: XLifter is not a device approved and designed for installation into vehicles intended to be operated on public roads namely pursuant to Act. no. 361/2000 Coll, as amended. For more information click here. By purchasing of the device, you acknowledge this fact and agree with the Terms and condition of the seller.

How does the XLifter work?

Imagine the XLifter as an electronic equivalent of lift rods (i.e. the Johnson rods), but with the length of each rod is adjusted electronically according to the current setting.
The signals from the wheel height sensors are transferred to the XLifter EAS unit via the “Y” wire loom. The EAS unit’s main task is to adjust these signals accordingly. In a real time, a thousand times per second. Viewed this way, the EAS units are “muscles” that carry hard work.
By the contrast, the control module is the “brain” of the system. It contains all of the intelligence and translates user inputs into specific instructions for the EAS unit.

What is the XLifter capable of? 

The XLifter offers two main options for height adjustment: the preprogramed “Lifter” mode for easy use and the “Lifter-free” mode for unrestricted manual height adjustment in 5 mm steps.

Maximum lift with XLifter is 125 mm above Standard ROAD height.
Excellent ground clearance 330 mm with 32″ tyres.

In the „Lifter“ mode, 7 pre-set programs are available:


Program name ∆ Height Description
Sky Rocket +75 mm Extra high clearance, for technical terrain. Equivalent to the “extended” mode. Use temporarily and with caution.
Off Road +55 mm Standard off road. Equivalent to the original “Off Road” setting, but without speed restriction. Permanent use.
OneInch Lift +25 mm Light off road. Permanent use.
Aesthetic Lift +15 mm Aesthetics. Permanent use.
Disengaged +0 mm No-change. XLifter is invisible for the vehicle.
Highway Drop -15 mm Aesthetics. Permanent use.
OneInch Drop -25 mm Better aerodynamics & fuel consumption. Smaller cornering rolls. Permanent use.
Super Drop -35 mm Extra low mode for low-clearance spaces / loading the vehicle. Air springs almost deflated. Temporary use.

The selected height changes are always added / subtracted to the original Land Rover position selected on the centre console (“Access”, “Standard”, “Off Road”). Thus, the maximum height that can be reached from the “Standard” position is +12.5 cm (5″).
Please note that the Skyrocket program is disabled when in original “Off Road” position due to wheel articulation limits. You can use the “Lifter-free” mode for such a extreme lifts.

The height adjustment done by the XLifter are not limited by the vehicle speed.


XLifter is capable of a level maximum tilt of approximately 4.5° in longitudinal (pitch) or traverse (roll) direction, or in any direction provided that sum of inclines does not exceed 4.5°.

Unique self-levelling

The XLifter is the world’s first and only kit that allows the Land Rover vehicle self-level automatically, up to from 4.5° degrees slope.

The XLifter contains high-precision tilt sensor. It is calibrated once, when the vehicle is at even surface. When at camping spot, just press the button and the XLifter levels the vehicle automatically by adjusting height of each wheel accordingly.

This feature has been specially developed for all over-landers or expedition travelers. Roof tent or “in car” sleeping setup? Don’t bother finding flat spot anymore!


Plug & play installation

Installation is easy. It takes about 15 minutes and you can do it yourself. There are only two screws to unscrew and Wireless communication between the units eliminates difficult in-vehicle wiring.

The EAS unit is fixed with Velcro fasteners and is connected by the Y cable loom.

The Control unit can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. The Control unit is powered from the 12 V cigarette lighter socket (or any other suitable 12 V point).

There are no changes in the vehicle. No drilling, cutting or soldering. This means that XLifter can be easily removed if necessary.

Built for reliability

The XLifter is designed and built for reliability from the beginning. The Control unit and the EAS unit are intentionally separated. This “split” design allows the EAS unit to be as simple as possible. And what is simple is reliable. In addition, robust protection circuitry is built-in. All inputs and outputs are protected for overvoltage, polarity reverse and radio interference… The XLifter has passed thousands of hours of testing in several vehicles without any major issues. You can just depend on it.


As safe as possible

Though the XLifter is not officially certified device, safety comes first. The EAS has several layers of protection both on hardware and software level.

The software algorithm intelligently limits wheel adjustments to stay within allowed limits. The control module senses the original vehicle height and automatically restricts incompatible pre-set programs in the original “Access” or “Off Road” position heights. This means that the original vehicle system is less prone to throw non-fatal “yellow” warnings.

The control module has the keylock feature. This safety measure is designed to allow for when the vehicle is driven by a 3rd party and you want to prevent them from changing the air suspension settings.

Safety first.

Investment protection

The XLifter is portable between all compatible cars. Have you installed the XLifter into Discovery 3 and upgrading to Discovery 4? Take XLifter with you. It’s just a matter of settings. You are not locked to one specific vehicle type.

And there is a Wi-Fi firmware upload facility. When new firmware is ready, perhaps with new features, you upload it from your cell phone, notebook etc. Simply, wirelessly.


Mobile APP support

Ok, a moment of honesty. The XLifter is intentionally designed in a way that mobile APP is not needed. The logic is simple. The XLifter is tuned to make things easy while Off-roading. Now imagine fiddling the mobile touchscreen while negotiating bumpy rough technical terrain. It just doesn’t work. There is a good reason for the simple layout of physical keys on the control module.

However, with all that said, the mobile app is coming soon. The hardware is ready. The APP extends the control module and brings a “big screen experience” into the game, perhaps with new features. Mobile app will act as the “remote control”, interlinked with the control module via Wi-Fi connection.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 26 × 6 cm

3 reviews for XLifter

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    Tim Heisig (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning. The best on the market. Working on 100% in mine. I can highly recommend.

    Tim, UK

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    Paul Moss (verified owner)

    The XLifter Suspension Module is exactly what the Discovery 3/4 needs. Not only is it easy to install, but extremely easy to use too. The many pre-programmed suspension heights bring added versatility to the vehicle without the need for permanent lift rods and you have the ability to return to standard height at the press of a button. I have used the extra height several times off-road and it has been extremely useful – the self-levelling option is a real benefit and clever too – it has been really useful on a recent camping trip and was the envy of friends.

    Often over-looked is the benefits of the lower than standard and access heights – good for loading and unloading and gives just a few more cm/s of access to the rear fridge.

    Could not recommend this product more!

    Paul, Chester, UK

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    Patrik Formica (verified owner)

    I tested all the settings on the Xlifter yesterday and also took measurements. It’s pretty awesome. Levelling mode is cool. 7 preset modes, 3 for lowering, 3 for raising and the normal driving height. You can also switch modes to 5mm increments up and down and the levelling mode. Settings remain past 40kph. 2 yr warranty. How good is that!

    Patrick, Australia

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