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XLifter latest firmware


Firmware upgrade information:

The Xlifter is equipped with a wireless firmware update facility. New features can be added in the future.  The control module is updated via a special built-in WiFi hotspot. The EAS unit firmware is updated consequently from the XLifter controller.
There are two firmware update methods:

1. Mobile APP upgrade: When you connect the mobile app, the XLifter firmware version is checked automatically. If the app contains more recent firmware, an automatic upgrade is offered. This is an automatic, easy way for most common use.

2. Conventional manual update: Please watch the XLifter firmware upgrade video guide on youtube and see Chapter 8 of the XLifter user manual for specific details.  The section below contains manual update firmware binaries.



Actual firmware:

What’s new in 1.08:

  • Inclinometer (MPU) initialization routine update/bugfix – in some rare cases Xlifter the EAS unit froze on wake up or reset.
  • Internal UI & WiFi framework updates
  • The user manual is the same as for 1.07 firmware (this is an internal update only)
  • Not upgradable from mobile APP, please only conventional manual update.

Older firmwares:

What’s new in 1.07:

  • New recovery feature: Suspension lock mode. Freezes wheel height signals at current heigh. Nice for tire change while using the air-jack or for various workshop operations. Accessible in Menu->Extras & Specials -> Recovery options.
  • Minor internal changes to smooth up the manufacturing
  • Not upgradable from mobile APP, only conventional manual update.

What’s new in 1.06:

  • New feature: 4 corners micro-adjustment. Ability to offset each wheel by +-20mm. Intended as a temporary fix for poorly calibrated vehicles. Accessible from the Service menu.
  • New feature: Mobile app WiFi link can be set active permanently. Intended for cars with custom built-in mobile tablets etc. New item in the Service menu.
  • WiFi App link inactivity-shutdown in normal mode increased to 10 minutes.
  • Leveling tilt measurement subsystem (MPU) updated for better reliability.
  • BT routines updates – faster reconnection time & support for new modules
  • Not upgradable from mobile APP, only conventional manual update.

What’s new in 1.05:

  • New feature: Selectable default lift from -15 mm to +55 mm. Designed mainly for 32” and bigger tires users. New “Default lift” item in the service menu.
  • Few minor UX polishments.
  • Yep, that’s pretty it. Just a small add-on. If you don’t need this, you can skip this version.
  • Not upgradable from mobile APP, only conventional manual update.

News in 1.04:

  • New feature: ABS Sensor Recovery!
  • New menu extras->Emergency->recovery options.
  • RR MY2010-2012 car type does ignore the steering side (RHD/LHD) setting, “RHD Upside down” is forced instead. The XL EAS unit is mounted upside down in the vehicle boot.
  • Conventional manual update only

Version 1.03

News in 1.03:

  • Refined experimental Range Rover L322 support.
  • More car types – RR L322 2007-2009  and RR L322 2010-2012 added due to different height sensor orientation.
  • Both via mobile APP & conventional manual update possible

Version 1.02

News in 1.02:

  • Improved math in the Trailer Assistant. Displayed tail lift values are now accurate.
  • Support for trailer assistant for mobile application.
  • Fixed “EAS communication error” bug in some older units.
  • Refined Range Rover L322 support.
  • Added support for firmware updates via the mobile APP. 
  • Massive rework in BT pairing routines – much more reliable now. 
  • Several minor UX (user interface) improvements.

News in 1.01:

  • Trailer assist feature.
  • Initial support for RR L322 2007 car type.
  • Several user interface (UX) improvements.

News in 1.00:

  • New feature: Compressor temperature monitoring (X2 models only)
  • Mobile APP support (applink, menu extras -> connect app)
  • Several UX improvements & internal cleanup