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XLifter Accessories

On this page we would like to offer and share all types of handy accessories that will improve your user experience with the XLifter unit.
We will be expanding on our selection with time, for now, please enjoy some 3D printing models for mounting brackets! Let us know, what you think.

Mounting brackets

We have looked for the most common places for the unit and below are listed 3D models for mounting brackets we thought were practical. The basic idea is to create free (kind of the open source) 3D models, so anyone can 3D print them. 

Feel free to 3D print and test it. We would love to hear your feedback on these options, please share your experience or please suggest improvements by sending an email to [email protected] or post a comment on our Facebook

Discovery 3 (LR3) “dashboard” bracket

This location is probably the favorite for most of the users – cozy space next to the steering wheel. We saw many XLifters mounted there – just held in place by Velcro – not ideal, little wobbly at least. The bracket carefully follows the dash curvature and should just snap in into the place.

The bracket is designed to “snap in”. The small downwards pointing “wings” hold the bottom, while the top is held by the dash itself. Mind the RHD/LHD version – wings are different!. The rectangular cut is for velcro or double-sided tape. Alternatively, you can screw the 4 XLifter controller screws thru the bracket.

Printing: 3D print should be simple for this one too.  The model needs to be side-oriented. Place the thicker wing side to the printing bed. Supports are not required. When printed, cut off the small supporting bridge. The suggested material is PETG.